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Trust an human player

Be a recruiter

As we are aware that they are our biggest asset, we optimise the working conditions of our recruiters month after month. We re-evaluate with them their career prospects every 3 months in order to create an environment conducive to their professional development and skills development.

Belonging to the Upward brand means making a promise

As a recruiter at Upward, you are the embodiment of our mindset and must do everything in your power to provide your interlocutors with a demanding and methodical approach to recruitment in order to have an impact.

In addition to embodying Upward’s high standards, your role is to maintain a long-term relationship with your contacts on a daily basis and to provide them with a dedicated advisory approach. Our recruitment consultants intervene in complete discretion to respect the need for confidentiality of both our clients and our candidates.

We practice a role of agile and reactive intermediary which has to be able to manage the right tempo of a mission and know how to adapt to all contexts and interlocutors in order to make recruitment possible. Your interpersonal intelligence, your ability to listen and your desire to understand everything about a market will be your best assets when working with us.


We are recruitment consultants, insofar as we support our clients in strengthening their recruitment strategy and provide them with specific services to improve the management of their human capital.


Because each mission is different, a recruiter at Upward must be flexible in order to best adapt to a client’s reality and have the finesse of situational analysis that allows him to evolve in front of senior executives.



In the manner of a talent agency, we give special attention to each of our candidates in interviews to discuss their perspectives and provide them with 360°C assistance: putting them in touch with coaches, personal branding, active listening, etc.

Because our candidates will always be the first ambassadors of Upward, we monitor their satisfaction on a daily basis.



A constant rise in skills

In order to deliver a recruitment experience that meets executive search standards, we organise regular training sessions to enable our consultants to remain at the cutting edge of their business expertise, but also to gain more autonomy and responsibility every day.

Our recruiters have development prospects throughout their Upward career: producing assignments, sales, supervising employees, launching activities, associating with capital… With the support necessary for the success of these developments.


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