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Our concept

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While all firms receive their candidates, not all show the same interest in them.

We share with our clients the idea that devoting time and resources to candidates is a powerful lever to achieve successful and lasting matches. We have made this our signature and this is what has allowed us since our creation to make the difference with our counterparts. Our ambition is to maximise the user experience and to consider talents and companies as equal beneficiaries of our services.

Our development strategy has been built from the requests expressed by demanding clients and ambitious candidates: a niche positioning and a tailor-made service.

Upward is fuelled by the unlimited ambition to always better support our clients by following the waves of innovation that are spreading in the recruitment field.


Our key figures

candidates met each year of satisfied candidates of client fidelity years of existence
Our Story
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Good, Better, Best : Never let it rest !
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2012 2013
2013 2015
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2018 2019

Like many entrepreneurial projects, Upward started with very few means but with strong convictions and it is in 2013 that Michaël imagined his ideal recruitment agency.

The ambition was to create a recruitment firm with an agile structure, which would refocus its processes on people and expertise after he had had sometimes disappointing experiences on these dimensions in other recruitment structures.


After a few months of fine-tuning the concept, the first branch, dedicated to the consulting business, was officially launched. Upward Consulting developed extremely rapidly and was becoming a reference in strategy and management consulting recruitment.

At the end of 2014, Michael recruited its first 3 employees.

Upward Data was founded in 2015 and very quickly became a recognised player in recruitment in the data and big data sector.

The year 2017 ended with the appointment of two partners, Jean-François Fruchtman and Axel Franco. It was also the official launch of an association plan involving all the directors of our specialist firms.

Upward Legal was launched to conquer the market of law firms and corporate legal departments.


Two flourishing years for Upward as four new specialised firms are born:

  • Upward Creative specialised in the recruitment of creative profiles
  • Upward Finance an expert in financial management professions
  • Upward HR dedicated to human resources professions
  • Upward Sales specialised on business functions

On this occasion, two support functions join us and our 35 employees move to WOJO’s premises at 18 rue de Londres.

Our ambition is to become an undisputed reference for executive recruitment in France. Follow us on LinkedIn to make sure you don’t miss any of our evolutions. Our actualities  can also be found on our dedicated website : groupe-upward/blog

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